Family and Other Drunks

e0e58c04cd4ff151c4824bccdd1b4879There is more to family than just blood. I do not believe the whole adage that blood is thicker than water. Family are those that see the testament of life on your face, the good and the appalling, and love you all the same. They are there when you are at you’re utter worst, ready to shovel the shit off of you. They react with passion and violence when you are hurt; they laugh and point when you pee yourself laughing too hard, remind you not to take yourself too seriously when you think you are Charles Bukowski reincarnate after that third drink, they cheer you on when you think you are a musical genius and decide to play with/or sing with the band uninvited, they love your children as if they were your own. They expect the same from you and never walk away even when it is hard to stay….that is a real family.


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