Swimming with Sea Lurkers

I love to swim, it is solitary and quiet. When I am tired I will just drift and look at the sky.  Hindered only by the irrational trepidation of not being able to see the bottom of the lake, mostly the unknown of what lurks beneath the surface….if my legs brush plant life, instantly I panic and need to race to the shore.  I know in my heart of hearts there is a nameless creäture down there staring longingly at my legs smacking its needle sharp chompers, or in the distance I am sure I have just heard the theme song from Jaws and somehow a Great White is able to survive in lake water and is just waiting to get me.  As a result there are very few lakes I will swim in. Lake of the Woods where you can see each pebble size and shape on the water underside is bliss (and safe from lurkers).


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