2012…Goodbye, Friend ( kind of asshole)

2012...Goodbye, Friend ( kind of asshole)

2012 done with a crash, boom, and often a clank Thank all that is holy and sparkly that I got over my fear of antidepressants this year!!!! Those puppies are miracle workers or the neurotic worrier that makes up me. Kindness, the politics that made up this year and the tragedies that ended this year has led me to believe that we all need to be a little kinder. Buy some teeth guards for your car and grind em instead of raging at your fellow drivers. Let someone in during traffic and DON”T resent it, open the door for someone, give up a seat…something…we all need a little more kindness. Not more God, not more guns, not fewer guns, not less God, not more politics, not fewer politics..just some humanity sprinkled on your cornflakes in the morning, with how things are it is the only thing we have control over anymore….so sprinkle on double…It does not make you gain weight I promise!!!!!
It seems surreal to me that it is going to be 2013. Do you know that every song I listened to in my teens and 20’s is now considered “vintage” or “classic”? Do you know that I graduated in 1992? And what makes me just feel like I rolled around in weirdness is that I have an almost 19 year old daughter. I have spent much time delving into the “what?!? Wait?!?” moments this year. But it has been a good one, well as good as one gets for a person that has an internal magnet for crap..it is like that black raincloud that follows Pooh around, but it is more like a black pooh cloud that follows me and occasionally drops a bit on my head here and there. Someone recently told me that, I am the center of all bad in my life and make others lives bad as well. I was glad I heard this; it made me have a whole new outlook on life…well particularly the people I listen to for advice! New Year’s resolution ( I totally don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions..if you are going to make changes you would already have!!!) but this year I am going to throw out the old….the things and the people who make me feel crappy about myself. And to cherish those people that have loved me unconditionally for who I am a little more aggressively…You better go running for the hills if you are one of my little love bunnies..I’m a coming!!! Anyway, joking (kinda) about loving people to death, but I may be a smidge more mushy in telling them what they mean to me. And appreciating their support and understanding, maybe verbalizing my admiration at some of their strengths, because believe me when I say I have some of the strongest friends, continuously amaze me at their drive and their focus. And more than that under that strength is the mushy gooiness of a marshmallow soul. So happy New Year to my few but fantastically delightful friends who make up what real family is to me, and have taught me what loving unconditionally without judgment means. Thank you for putting up with my overbearing, chatty, annoyingly passive self. Oh, and my super weird sense of humor. MWAH big sloppy kisses for anyone I can get a hold of by midnight (again run, run!!) Happy New Years!!!



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