A’s Sassy Shadow

Ashton's Sassy ShadowDriving with my youngest son A. yesterday, he says “Mom, you know what I was thinking today?”….as I often do with questions that start this way…I lower the music, sigh deeply and respond for the 100th time “No, I do not know what you are thinking if you do not tell me..” He ignores my pre-exasperation as usual. “I was thinking that while I like my shadow and I REALLY like my shadow in this shirt, that it needs something to make it better.” I can follow his outlandish way of logic well, as I have had almost 11 years to learn “A. Speak”. Others are more sluggish to follow when first hearing it. I ask him “What are you thinking your shadow needed?” to which he tells me ” It needs some earrings, so that when I see it has that something special, that little oomph to make it shine.” Guess who got talked into making an appointment for getting his shadow a little oomph?? I mean really, when it is put to you in such a manner how can you argue?



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