Bullets a Sign of Destruction or Unsullied Innocence


The Bullet Bra. Full support bra cups in the shapes of (think ice cream) cones. The Bullet bra usually had spirals of decorative stitching centered on the nipples. They were invented in the late 1940’s but did not become popular until the 1950’s when the “sweater girl” pinups were all the rage. John Paul Gaultier brought them back into style in the 1990’s (think Madonna circa too tight blond ponytail enhances with dangerous cones jutting out from her chest).


Now this bra always looked like a weapon of mass destruction to me, although related to the too tight sweaters of the period, it always made me think of a time where chastity and virtuous women were still an important part of American society. The Bullet bra sends out the message “Get too close and I will cut ya!!”. Just saying





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