Summer Solstice – Magic, Aliens, or Vulva?

Summer Solstice - Magic, Aliens, or Vulva?

Happy Summer Solstice!!! Longest day of the year. Makes me think of festivals, druids, fairies….lots of naked folk who have drunk too much flopping around. But that is just me….
Stonehenge is expecting 2000 people today to celebrate the solstice. Still one of the biggest mysteries of the world, well besides femme fatales or PMS’ing women.
Some of the theories are well known, but man there are a lot of them!!! Stonehenge is referenced as far back as 1130 A.D., but no one really knows the how’s, why’s or when’s.
One theory is that it was built 3100 B.C. through 16 B.C. as an ancient astronomical calendar.
Most popular is that in the 12th Century King Arthur had troops try to move the stones from Ireland to England as a monument to those lost at war, and when this did not work he enlisted some wizardly help in Merlin. Merlin transported the huge (some are 50 tons) massive stones to Britain and had him arrange them in the current configurations…All with his magic wand (I need one of those) and the words Bippity Boppity Boo (Oh wait, was that Cinderella?).
Space aliens!! They came to earth and moved some rocks. Good times for aliens!!!
Another was that it was built to be a place of healing and that rudimentary surgeries were performed amongst the rocks, others say it was Druids performing human sacrifices. But since there really is not much documented on Druids and that the skeletons found around the rocks all had signs of crude injuries…I am going more with the healing theory on this one.
MY FAVORITE!! The very Best Hypothesis is that it is supposed to resemble a giant vulva as means to worship an ancient fertility god….Look here is one of the biggest natural wonders…A ginormous VULVA! Yeah us.
Anyway Happy Summer Solstice!!




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Vanilla Housewife
    Jun 21, 2013 @ 22:25:48

    I’d go with Vulva 😀



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