Day 8: Just Because We Have Children Does NOT Mean We Like Children

This is a dumb assumption. I love my kids more than there are words for. But I do NOT always like them. So why would you assume that just because I have 500 kids (4) that I would like ALL kids? Yes, if I love you and you are important to me, I will try REALLY hard to like your kids and or love them. But it is not a sure thing. I also have friends with kids that I kind of wish I could swap out mine for at times. But it is just like adults; there are some that any kind of a relationship was just not meant to be. The same goes with kids.
And, what’s more, why would you assume that I am going to want to babysit another child because I have kids. I have friends that I will help out everyone once in a while. But it pisses me off when it is pointed out that I have kids, I don’t work; therefore, I am obligated to watch other people’s kids that DO work? Run that by me again??? Where is that written? And how does NOT wanting to do that, make me a bad friend and or parent?
So please, please do NOT assume we, as parents, like kids!!

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