Sock Garters…The Reason They Are Obsolete

Sock Garters...The Reason They Are Obsolete

Let’s talk sock garters, with the invention of elastic and finally figuring out if you make sock longer that these little man accessories are no longer needed (nor wanted) they are for the most part an obsolete article of clothing. When you say the word garter belt, you think of hot lusty woman with garters holding up their stockings, on men no no no no, it is just not okay!!! Unless you are a beautiful drag queen, it is just wrong.
I happen to know a man, who when he sat recently in his white suit with full on Kentucky stripes (I totally thought a straw hat would have made it just about perfect) and crossed his legs, in doing so his pant leg rose exposing his undergarment. Blue dress socks held up by white sock garters, now it took everything within me not to gawk or worse, start some serious donkey braying and pointing. It was hideous. But it got me thinking about garters. Why something that represents sex on women can be so unattractive on a man. Are there women out there that find this charming and a turn on?
And as a personal note, I used to wear stockings and garters, not to vamp it up, but because it makes going to the bathroom much easier then hefting and wiggling out of pantyhose. Until the fateful day that one of the snaps broke and I lost a stocking at a really inopportune time in the office. Then I decided that bare legs were okay.




5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Vanilla Housewife
    Jun 24, 2013 @ 08:09:33

    I’m all for bare legs too! Shaved or not LOL



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