Day 10: Envy of Hangover Recovery (a love story)


It may presumed that we envy that you are free to pee, run to the store, bathe, sleep, and all other acts that are no longer simple for us now. In some cases, you are correct. There are times that I am out with my friends having a good time, but know that I must leave the festivities because I know that 6 am is coming up fast and have mentally counted down how long it will take to drive home, get ready for bed, and fall asleep (insomnia sucks) leaving you with 6.25 hours of sleep until the shrieking banshee (alarm) will wake you. My friends will ask me to stay even pull out ” we never get to see you” card. But I know what my day will look and feel like if I stay, even though I really really want to. Toddlers do not care if you have decided to stay up past bedtime. Kids will climb on you, straddle your chest and physically pry your eyelids apart if you are not up and going when you should be. All the while asking, “whywhywhywhywhy?” So yes, there are times I envy the freedom.
But what cannot be understood is that while I have given up the simple life and the ability to pee on my own time, what I have is so much more. I have mushy kisses, with hands on either side of my cheeks. I live in a wealth of endless butterfly, Eskimo, monster, and monkey kisses. I get squishy hugs. I get plaques that were painstakingly made on wood in art class that says “WORLDS BEST MOM”. I get to make up songs, or hear songs that are made up about me. I get to go the theater and see amazing actors and be so proud that one is my son. I get to read sassy stories written, I get to have tea parties, and play with legos whenever I want! I get loved like a mom, and I get to feel love that makes my heart ache and stomach clinch. So really while the green-eyed monster of envy does rear its head when Henry Rollins comes into town and I cannot go because it is a school night. I have so much more, and you will too one day!


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