Astounding Center

Astounding Center


Artist Walter Crane was a well rounded artist whose style ran the gambit, wood engraving, watercolor, tempera and oil paint. His paintings in later years were said to be more mature and prolific. I am not an artist but as a child his illustrations in children’s books sent me to my room for hours, pretending I was the beautiful women in the each picture. His work was one of fantasies that even as an adult I can still sit and study for hours (I have stopped pretending, for the most part, that I am a goddess or princess). Floral Fantasy Set in Verses (1899) is one of my favorite books for artwork. The verse is beautiful, but the pictures are what makes this book pretty remarkable.
In Here’s Venus’ Combe for Maidenhair, the branches flowing from her hair as if the leaves had caught the wind. She is the focus of the painting, never mind the angel kneeling or the startling blue of the water they seem almost as if they were afterthoughts. She is remarkable just standing there. What girl doesn’t want to be the center or remarkable at some point in her life????



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