The Skinny (or bushy) on Eyebrows – Day 1



I seem to be doing a lot of pondering about eyebrows lately (don’t we all). My husband was a history major so I asked him if he studied eyebrows (he never even blinks anymore when I ask these questions) he responded by telling me that while he took some pretty obscure classes in college, eyebrow past was not among them. I pretend that he asked me why I wanted to know (using my eyebrows) and launch right into an explanation. While I was laying in bed making mental lists, pondering if there was anything I should have done differently that day and than 20 years ago, my mind wandered to eyebrows. What the hell made anyone suddenly go “Let’s puck ’em!!”?? Out of all of the things on your body why screw with that? And, what is more, what good are they??? At one, point (I think around 4 a.m.) I tried to wake my husband to discuss it, and to ask him about college, but I could not understand his responses and just let him go back to sleep. Now fully awake and looking like he remembers our little one sided talk from the night before he sighs and says that maybe it is to keep our forehead warm? Well, that might work for some people (Brook Shields or Frida Kahlo) but not all. And he calls himself a history major!!!!


So here is the skinny or the bushy on eyebrows. They are actually to keep sweat or water out of your eye holes ( I hate the word socket) so it is like we have our own built in sweat bands!!! But we also use them to communicate with one another, which is true. I know how to call my husband an ass with just ONE eyebrow. And he can swing those puppies up so fast when I actually do something that he considers “over the top” (whatever he married me, knowing I was annoying). And the kids are all familiar with the “Mom Eyebrows” (similar to the “mom voice” but not as scary). One furrow and they start stuttering.

So emoting and keeping stuff out of your eyes…The purpose of eyebrows. But who decided to morph them? The same people that introduced makeup in the form of Kohl, the ancient Egyptians. Turns out that they blackened their arches (Joan Crawford owes you thanks) and considered makeup as having magical powers (don’t we all??) especially eye makeup which was applied with a stick ( I can barely apply eyeliner with a brush, with a stick I would be screwed!!). So thank you Egyptians for not only introducing us to cosmetics but also for starting us on the long road of eyebrow revamping.


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