Mixing Up the Unibrow – Day 2


I am not going to bash the unibrow (as much as my fingers are tingling to do so), because there have been some pretty prolific people throughout history that have sported this look.  Another reason is that the first time I thought it would be okay to pluck hair out by its roots I ended up with Triple Brow so I am not one to throw stones.


At the moment Anthony Davis (NBA player for those of you who are not sports addicts) has the Birdie Unibrow (you know it dips in the middle like a bird) not the Burt Ubibrow that goes straight across (Sesame Street for all of you that do no watch hours of children’s programming), I also call this the angry brow.  The reason should be evident, there is no way to look anything but angry if you have one straight line across your brow line (if you don’t believe me take some eyeliner draw one on and then smile!).  Then there is Confused Brow, it was a little bit of Birdie mixed with Burt, so a slight dip but also pretty straight. Frida Kahlo had this brow, she didn’t always look angry but she did look stern most of the time.

Image                                Image

Empress Theodora of the Byzantine or Roman Empire in 548 A.D. had the Burt and Ancient Greeks began to create their own unibrows using makeup.  This was also the birth of the idea of using hair not your own on your brows (ewwww), Romans and Greeks both wore fake eyebrows made from GOAT HAIR!!!   Now I could not find any pictures of this, but when I think of goat hair I think of an old long haired Billy Goat, so all I can imagine is these huge floppy coarse brow wigs hanging down and flapping around anytime you emoted flipped a brow up.


Right now Brow Weaves are in, women are having hair woven in to make their brows in the shape they desire.  This is not too far off from pasting goat hair onto your eyebrows if you really think about it???


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