Waxing Tangent and Floating Eyebrows – Day 3


Shaving  is one step up from plucking hair out by the roots in my book.  Wait, well waxing is just a fiery pit of hell of its own.  I am fine with the eyebrows, but the nethers!! Holy, F!  I went to get waxed by a “professional ” a few years ago, because I hated performing torture on myself, and I made it in the door.  They had this room that had beveled glass walls.  I think that it was to look slick and modern, and maybe it did, but they should have made those pretty glass walls go all the way to ceiling and invested in soundproofing. Instead they ended about 2 feet away, allowing me to hear the sobs coming from the woman who was getting her pelt ripped out one strip at a time.  When I heard the Mother of Torture (do they have a name? and who decides their calling is waxing hair off of people??) say ” Okay Honey, get up on all fours with that tushy in the air” my butt literally puckered and I dashed for the door.  Home, back to inflicting suffering onto myself and my sensitive parts.  Until one night I was doing the deed, and heard a noise (it is hard to hear above your own distressed panting) and opened the bathroom door.  There were my two youngest (at the time) crying.  They heard me screaming and cussing and thought I was dying and I hadn’t even realized that I was doing anything other than panting…see what pain can do to you.  So I tried by best to explain what I was doing, volleying back answers to all of the “whywhywhywhywhy” and then my daughter says “Well, if it hurts that bad why do you do that to yourself?” And I had no answer. There really was nothing that I could say that would Imagemake an ounce of sense. So I picked up my new weapon of choice to fight the bush and a new  (shaved) woman was born!!




What you may ask did this have to do with eyebrows ?  I am getting there (slowly, very slowly). While not the first people to shave their vulnerable parts the beauty conscience, paranoid, superstitious, and kooky Egyptians once again the original citizens who thought to pick up a sharp object and start shaving.   If a cat died (remember they thought cats were supernatural and had woo woo powers) the whole household would shave their eyebrows as a symbol of mourning (I will stick with wearing black).Image





Japanese got artistic with the shaving. In 794-1185 A.D. Japanese women would shave their eyebrows or cover them with white makeup and then reapply them high up next to their hairlines so that they looked like “floating clouds”.  Awww pretty!! Wait! What????



I am not a big fan of the “surprised” diva brow but this look must have been a little more like “Oh Shit!!!” than surprise.



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