The Birth of the Egg Head – Day 4

Are you wondering how long I can draw out the eyebrow??  The answer is 10 days worth!!  My husband is extremely delighted with me that I am writing about it and not pestering him any longer ( which he emotes with his big old brows!!).  I am itching to get to the total fails and Joan Crawford Day but I like to save the best for last. So today we will do the weirdest, delusional, and the most painful trend in history (it may surpass waxing).  The Egg Head Era or Medieval Europe eyebrow fashion.Image

Women of nobility or Royalty would pluck their brows and their HAIR LINES, yes hairlines, to achieve a look of “Pale Egg Headed”.  Oh, lovely I would like my face to resemble something that came from a chickens who-haw, so pretty!! And painful!! Can you imagine routinely sitting there for hours while someone plucks strand for strand hair from your scalp until you achieve the ultimate receded hairline??? Come on!! Weird!  How is that even attractive???

ImageAnother egg head mystery that is probably the most popular and most researched was the Mona Lisa, while her smile made many a conspiracy theory, her brows and lashes being absent sent researchers into a tizzy.  Some dedicating their lives to finding out WHY she had now lashes or brows (good god how do these people have so much time??).  Considering the era it would seem that it fit so let it be!!  In the end Da Vinci’s Merchants wife just got old.  In the restoration and cleaning over the years the brows and eyelashes just eroded and were wiped away.  I wonder how all those people that devoted their lives like that resolution??  Talk about a disappointing eyebrow!!

Today the most famous brow less person that I know is Whoopi Goldberg and to be honest it suits her!  I drew eyebrows on her picture and it looked wrong in a way that most of us would look less the brows. So way to go Whoopi for beating those odds!



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