Of Mice and Eyebrows – Day 5


So I shared my finding of eyebrows with my husband last night and that sweet, sweet man sat through them all and even feigned interest. I did notice that he drank his beer a little more quickly as if by doing so he could somehow hurry me though to the end and by that I think that he means the end to the eyebrow obsession.  He knows that I will get bored and start obsessing about something else, but I am pretty sure that he is hoping it will be something he actually is interested in.  He did ask me why I didn’t do 10 Days of Beer, but I told him that I could probably only name 7 beers that I really like and it would just be too peculiar doing a  7 Days.  He sighed. I take those sighs as symbol s of his love for me, sometimes it is just too big and he has to let a little out.  He may disagree but I like to think of it as our secret code.

Image Speaking of the odd (no not me, the 7 days of beer idea!!!) in the 17th century it became all the rage to have actual hair on your brow line (whacky)!! People once again started wanting to add on to what they lacked.  So a new animal was used to create eyebrow wigs, yup, that would be mice pelts. Using tree sap as an adhesive people would put little tiny mice above each eye (not really, just the hair but the visual on that one was too good to pass up).  These ‘specialized’ brow wigs were placed high up on the forehead once again making everyone walk around with a constant expression of pure shock.

ImageThe turn of 20th century was the start of commercially made cosmetics. So instead of mice pelts a more practical eyebrow filler was created.  T.L. Williams was a chemist who noticed that his sister, Mabel, was using Vaseline and coal dust to emphasize her brows and lashes and Maybelline cosmetics was born.  And people had one more way to screw with their brows.  All kidding aside I must say thank you to Mabel and crafty Willie because I am not sure what I would do without mascara.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. theunicahija
    Jul 22, 2013 @ 01:12:44

    God, I love history and I love makeup. Those two combined… Ah, I’m in love. 🙂 This post was such a good read! I learned a lot. Thank you!



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