Baseball Hoarding (not whoring)



I wander around my house, into one room where there is a baseball game on but no husband. I wander into another room that I hear a droning announcers voice (do they all go to the same voice coach?? Please no inflection!!) but still no husband.  Oh wait!! That is right it only makes sense that if there are 2 different games on 2 different televisions that my husband would be on the computer watching a 3rd game!! Duh! How much of an idiot am I for not knowing this??? I could stand behind him and shout “SEXY BEAST TAKE ME NOW!!!” and he would just nod and say “ah-huh”. He calls it multi-tasking (sex not included because he didn’t hear a word I said) while I like to think of it as a special form of hoarding. And he calls me neurotic??


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