The Bush is Back – Day 7

Are you getting as tired of eyebrows as I am?  Seriously I don’t even look above eye level Imagebecause mine are starting to make me sick.  After today only 2 more and then we will make a solemn pact to never again speak of them. Moustache’s? Now that is a whole different category of pure fun!





I am still struggling with makeup.  If I have not learned how to do it by now I will probably never be an expert.  I try to educate myself and I take everyone’s advice but still manage to screw it up.  Pretty much I would not even bother if I wasn’t ugly without it, I don’t even wear very much but it makes a world of difference.  So I keep on trucking. 

Eyeliner kills me!! I can do one eye perfect and then the other eye looks like a 2 year old got a hold of a Sharpie.  What the hell???   So I cannot imagine having to use brow pencil….well actually I can and it is pretty funny.  In fact I am going to go right now and try to draw brows on with my eyeliner.  Hang on a sec.

Okay, that was just wrong! At first super funny until I realized how hard it is to get black eyeliner off your skin!! Now I just look like I have two rain clouds above each real eyebrow.  I would post a picture if I really did not want to!! But I don’t, so I won’t.  Are you riffing on my Cat in the Hat groove today?  Once again I must insert WHAT THE HELL!

ImageSo what made me start to think about having to draw my own brows on, was that in the 1960’s Sophia Loren would shave off her eyebrows and then pencil in each strand in the shape that she desired.  That is just crazy to me!!  This was the era of Free Brows with was followed by Free Love so I am thinking maybe one had something to do with the other?? Or not?  So there was the Sophia Method of pure insanity. 

I need to back up a bit before we get full on into the wild world of 60’s eyebrows.  In the 1950’s the Diva Arch was born, super curved winged eyebrows think Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor and if you want to punch that up about 20 notches Queen Dive Miss Joan (yikes)Crawford.  Audrey Hepburn also made straight eyebrows (think Burt with a break in the middle) very popular.Image






Andy Warhol’s Factory started a trend with dark full eyebrows paired with blond hair. So your brows were less maintenance but now you had to keep those roots covered as a Imageblond.  Personally I think that Andy himself was the model for this.




ImageSmoothly slide into my era the 1980’s with all its excess and glam it is pretty fair to say that excess spilled over onto our brows.  Brook Shield brought the bush back and Madonna soon followed.  And the era bore virgin eyebrows. Something that if you are looking back on the last 7 days are unheard of!!  So grab your mesh shirt (good for showing your bra), pile on the jelly bracelets, slip into your lace leggings, and hop into the skirt that barley covers your vagina and let those brows be free!!

This led into the 90’s where people donned plaid ( me included) and followed in Kurt Cobain’s flannel  footsteps with the anything goes attitude.  This blanketed all aspects of fashion and almost made the 80’s not seem so gaudy with all of 90’s its sloppiness.

Today?? Today is the era of the eyebrow transplants, no more putting dead animal pelts on our foreheads. Or the less invasive Eyebrow weave all in the quest to achieve that perfect brow shape.Image

A study was done showing that in the last 60 years that eyebrows have gradually become lower and less arched, similar to a mans.  I am not sure about this. But the one thing I do know after all of this is that we will screw with anything!!


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