Now there is Body and there is Bawdy~


I remember being pre-school age and doing a mean ‘Mae West’.  Always a hit at parties to bring out your small child to vamp the double entendres.  In much the same way I adored Dolly Parton’s exaggerated feminism, Mae West launched huger than life images of what being a women was. Bawdy with titanic size curves.  I still have a record, yes as in vinyl, in my possession of W.C. Fields and Mae West and it still is supersized raunchy fun.


While I still appreciate her colossal Vavavoom I am more impressed by her drive in a time when it was just NOT done,  she was a talented play write and driven to make sure she used all she had to succeed. Saucy Mae was also a leader in civil rights for women and gays.  While many feminist would later grumble that her that her blatant sexuality gave the women’s movement a bad name, it is easy to see that she knew just what she was doing to get her message across. She was not just talking the talk she was walking the walk (which she copied from female impersonators)and what a walk it was.  Meow!



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