Colorful Carnie Brows – Day 8

Sorry, I had to take a step away from the Brow for a day to gain some prospective and to get the eyeliner off of my forehead.  I am back, refreshed and  smudge free!!  So let’s roll.

In hopes to find some sort of the passion I felt in the beginning of my search of ever morphing   EYEBROW, I found a carnival merriment!!!  Some people are so different and their uniqueness is never lackluster .And let me tell you I was fascinated by the total amount of carnie eyebrows that I found!! I did not feel like making myself into a QUAD BROWED MONSTER for shits and giggles was all that off of the mark.  Alas, the 3 year old was the only person home to share my astounding findings with (and seriously she will laugh at anything so it didn’t count) so we laughed together for a bit. I tried emailing my husband picture after picture at work but I think the fun got lost in electronic transit.  All I got back was “Why are you sending these to me???”.  I know that if he was home with me he would have danced a jig of pure joy at the goldmine of flamboyant brows I had come across!!!  I just know it.

*For some reason when he got home from work he avoided me and did all the things that he has been putting off for the last week. Weird.

Two things I noticed while looking at bad eyebrows

 1) A lot of people spend time taking noses off of pictures?  What is that about??

2) For some reason when you Google eyebrows it also intermixes very lifelike naked sex dolls.  I was wondering what the correlation between eyebrows and sex dolls were.  I have a theory that there is a whole side of weird fetishes that I know NOTHING about (and I live in a city where they have Fetish Festivals!!!).  Mmmmnnnn……

So I would like to share my booty with you (sounds strangely un-pirate like when I say it after saying sex doll)!


Top 10 Most Carnie-like and inventive eyebrows!!

(I had to put on some Culture Club because never has one altered their brow as much as Boy George)



ImageJoan Crawford – Although she will have a whole day dedicated to migration and revolution that is her brow line…she most certainly has eyebrow FLAIR!




ImageKitty Eyebrows – This is by far my favorite because who doesn’t want kitties drawn above each eye??





ImageLow Brow – Maybe that study was right, women are wearing their brows lower and lower with less or in this case NO arch to immolate the brow line of men…..






ImageSperm Brows – Please don’t tell me that you don’t see it!!





ImageSperm Whale Brows – take the Sperm Brow and up the volume about 20 decibels’.








ImagePoo Brow – Does it not look like she just stuck her finger in some poo and wiped in over her eyes??  Don’t lie!





ImageShocked into Brackets Brow – I don’t really know what to say. Except it should be noted how precise she is!







ImageSuper Girl!!! – SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS on my forehead the bigger the better!!!




ImageMini  Brow- you have to wonder why she even bothered??? Going for the understated?





ImageScared Straight Brow- how does she do that????  Yes, yes, I did run into the bathroom to see if I, too, could make cool shapes out of my brows.  I was not a success, but I will keep trying.



And an honorable mention to Carrot Top because every time that I see him I want to shout “WTF were you thinking?!?”, and his eyebrows just add to it.Image






And this gal, who might want to beat me up.  I want to let her know that she brought joy into my life.  Thank you!Image


These were extremely  entertaining and it was hard to pick which ones were the unsurpassed in their utter greatness, I left off some doozies!!  The whole while knowing that now there were two instances that I very well could have been on this list with my plucking fiasco and more recently the attempt to put two eyebrows on using eyeliner above my real eyebrows.  I also remember now how much I totally used to dig Boy George.  I am pretty much screwed for the next week , a loop of “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” is going to be one more thing keeping me awake at night.Image


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