For the Love of Eyebrow!!!! (Titillating Twelve) – Day 9

I wonder how it would feel to be defined by your eyebrows.  You Google the word eyebrow certain people just automatically come up.  Ones that you would expect; Charlie Chaplin, Brook Shields.   But others as well that don’t automatically come to mind, but make you go “Oh, yeah!! Duh!”.  Here is a list of the most magnificent and overlooked eyebrows.  Let’s give some credit to these folks for growing these bad boys in such an impressive way!!  Or learning how do use them in a way that is dazzling to us mere normal eyebrowed folks.


                                                  Titillating Twelve


ImageLarry Hagman- He gave us so much more than just JR.


ImageMartin Scorsese – Seem to be alive, doesn’t it look like he pasted two rodents above each eye???


David Hemmings (announcer in Gladiator)- I always thought those were glued on…nope those puppies are just that cool



Bruce Campbell – He could have been in silent films with all the dazzling those brows can do.



Abe Vigota- his craggy eyebrows always made him seem just that much more endearing.



James Cagney – Don’t his eyebrows just look like they are gangsta???  See? See?



Boris Karloff – He made sure we knew just what Frankenstein’s eyebrows SHOULD look like!


ImageMaude Fealy- One of the few silent film actress’s that did not go the plucked and thin route of the era and she was just  almost devastatingly beautiful.






Harry Houdini – I am sorry, but he was just creepy. And it was all in the brows. He should have been in a movie with Karloff!! The Dueling Brows.



Tom Selleck – he is so famous for the moustache and the full on rug on his chest that people overlook on genius thing; Triangle Eyebrows!! They are almost perfect in their shape, somehow it works and it doesn’t end up making him look like Raggedy Andy (who also sported triangles but as a nose!!)












Vivien Leigh- She always had one eyebrow arched. I am sure limiting her from playing kinder softer rolls because you get nothing but beautiful bitchiness from that cocked brow.


Mandy Patinkin – he looks just like an average nice guy, until he furrows his brow line and then he can become a totally different person. It is pretty amazing to watch. The first time I noticed was in “The Princess Bride”, I suggest you watch it again if you missed miraculous and marvelous performance of his brows!



There are quite a few people that should have been mentioned; Donald Trump has some super interesting brows that get overlooked by the Orange Comb over, but I think he is a d-bag so I left him off (hey, it is my list so I can be super biased!!) and I really used to love Marisa Tomie’s brows, she like Vivien Leigh, always had one cocked but in a much sweeter less bitchy manner but as she has aged she has got a little pluck happy so they are no longer as impressive to me. I did leave off Chaplin and Shields but just because they were too obvious, but no less incredible. Groucho Marx had great brows but it was hard to tell what were his and what was grease paint. There are so many, but it is Saturday and believe it or not I do have a life, which is passing me by as I sit here pondering remarkable brows of famous people. So you are just stuck with the 12.



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