Cup of Joe

Cup of Joe

I never was a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe, I bought into the dizzy blonde act and always felt irritated when she would open her mouth. About ten years ago I picked up a book written about her and I was pretty flabbergasted at what a brilliant mind she possessed. Shattered china cup whose fractured parts would never stand a chance at repair is what came to mind, she was just that broken. But professionally she calculated every move, knee bend, cleavage shot, lip pucker, even her walk was a façade. All parts made up to make her a valuable commodity. She did that on her own. 51 years later she is still an icon, bigger than almost any star today.
It also is very evident that she had enough wits and charm about her to snag All American hearts. Arthur Miller and Joe DiMaggio were opposites ends of a spectrum. Arthur Miller was as American as Hemingway (although less crotchety) and DiMaggio?? How do you not smile when you think of him? She had to have some depth of soul to woo these two men.
This picture of the Monroe and DiMaggio is one of the few that she does not seem ‘on’. It seems natural and intimate. Both of them enjoying a moment of normalcy as husband and wife, all glamour and fame set aside.



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