The Taller They Are the Faster They Fall


So this weekend I was at a gathering (not reunion) of about 50 people I went to high school with and it was super fun to see people that I have not set eyes on for many years. Some have changed drastically and we did the “Oh my God is that you XXXX??” or the ones that have not changed at all and when seeing them transport you back to 5th period with World History or Physical Science

The class after lunch in high school is by far the hardest one to be on time for and the hardest one to stay away in. And if you have a teacher that’s voice has never known inflection it WILL lull you to sleep like a lullaby.  There was always a guy in this class when I was a sophomore whose head would not gently drop down, but it would literally break records at how hard and fast it would smack that desk. And then there was the guy that sat on the other side of me who did the gentle nod off, and his head would slowly drop, but man, he could drool like none other. A pool would form on his desk and when he would wake up he would lift his head and make the little rainbow spit string that attached his mouth to his desk in all its glistening glory.  I saw both of these people this weekend at a get together.  At least 50 people I had not seen since high school.  It was fun, some people changed a lot some not at all.  Being a naturally curious person and an awful antagonizer I had to question the drooler if he still soaks his pillows, and the head crasher if his wife gets angry when he suddenly keels over asleep during sex.  Thankfully each still had enough kindness and patience in their souls to remember my awful annoying sense of humor and roll with it.

What did people most comment about me???  Was it my nice summer tan, going from hooker red to platinum?  No no…it was “Have you always been this short?”, like I have shrunk or had work done (do they shrink you yet??)  I was even patted on the head a few times.  So all these years pass and the most interesting thing anyone can say or comment is how tall I am?? Really? Seriously??  I must have been super boring in high school……and really tall!


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  1. LindaGHill
    Jul 29, 2013 @ 22:43:09

    The last reunion I went to, I found myself looking at people’s teeth in order to recognize them. It’s the one thing that doesn’t change… unless they have dentures of course. :p



    • Dagmar Tully
      Jul 29, 2013 @ 23:00:51

      At a reunion I would be hopeless (thank you very much, nametags). This was more of a non-reunion with the same school but not year specific. So there was less pressure and a lot more drinking. Although the plus side of the two day hangover I am now sporting is that I could blame a lot of my forgetfullness on the alcohol consumption.



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