Karma’s Fist Pump!!!

Jersey Shore 1902, Boardwalk at Asbury Park

Jersey Shore 1902, Boardwalk at Asbury Park

Okay, after almost a full year of showing disdain for people that would watch “The Jersey Shore” on Mtv, I realized what a hypocrite I was. Here I was judging the show with never actually watching it.  That is like using the Bible to win arguments and not actually have read it.  Well, not really (and yes I did just compared Jersey Shore to The Bible), but you get my drift?  I had never watched it and would constantly roll my eyes when I would hear people talk about “J-wow’s boobs” or “Snooki’s” hair.  So wanting to correct my ways and be able to talk trash on something that I was actually educated on and to be able to back it up.  I watched.  And like a bad car wreck I could not look away….it was worse than I could ever have imagined. It was trashy, it was depraved, it made me embarrassed to be female, it made me feel pale, and it made me crave pickles.  I also developed a little crush on Vinnie….don’t act like you don’t know who that is!!!  I could not stop!!!  I felt not only like I had a shameful secret to hide, I got found out. My teenage son caught me and that boy that I gave life to, the child that I rocked and cradled to my breast, wipped snot and poop from, ratted me out to my husband. So here I had two people doing to me what I had done to countless others over the previous year, but because we are related they had no bounds, they held back nothing.  They would at times just stand, point, and laugh at me as I sat huddled in the blanket of my shame.  See, Karma is a bitch that will find you no matter where you hide.  She found me and kicked my fist pumping ass!


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