Mirrors, Balls of Steel, and a Meteorologist All Meet in a Bar

1961 Loenid Rogoleonid rogozovzov was the sole doctor working at a research station in the Antarctica. What do you do when you come down with appendicitis and have no means of reaching medical help due to severe weather or transportation? Why you perform surgery on yourself. Duh. Okay so an infected appendix gives you agonizing pain and lots of hurling, with a fever so pretty much you are a time clock of death until you get that little bastard out of you. With a little help from a driver and a meteorologist to hold instruments and the mirror to see your innards with (please remember that everything he is seeing in the mirror is backwards???). Sitting in a semi-reclining position, half turned onto his left side he injected a small solution of Novocain into the abdominal wall. Then he opened himself up, performing surgery for 10-15 increments stopping to vomit and collect himself (keep himself from passing out) after a huge does of antibiotics the surgery was completed by midnight (1:45 minutes, what a badass!!). Upon seeing the infected organ he realized that within hours it would have ruptured and he would have died. And then you will never guess what happened? He passed the hell out!!
Within 2 weeks he was back at work. Talk about a will of iron to survive. Think I puked a little in my mouth just writing this! But no matter how clench jawed I am there is no denying that he has balls of steel!


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