Strange Worlds of Elegant Glamour

Freedom and Captivity  by Erte

Freedom and Captivity
by Erte

There is music that you feel like you have always known, or books that you will read until the binding falls apart.  It is hard to explain to others what calls to you.  Artist Romain de Tirtoff is someone that has filled my life from a very young age.

Queen of the Night by Erte

Queen of the Night
by Erte

I was often left in the care of my Uncle and his friends when I was a young child.  His best friend had a girlfriend that was interested in fashion design so she had many books, but I only remember one.  It was large, softbound, and grey.  I can remember the moment I pulled if off of the shelf even though I could not have been more than 5.  It was magic.  Page after page of pure fantasy, women dressed in clothes like I had never seen, their clothes and bodies looking as if a wind would blow them away, but so regal and so feminine.

L'Ocean  by Erte

by Erte

Figures made to look like wind, or birds always beautifully dressed.  I didn’t understand the words, but I always remembered the name ‘Erte’.  I would sit for hours examining each of these images, memorizing each button, hand gesture, hat, enthralled in a world full of glamour (one that the patchouli and incensed world I lived in lacked). Pretending I was one of the images, dressed as if the clothes themselves were telling a story.  I did not know the word elegant, but I think that I felt it.



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