Adults Not Allowed

565e33be7343b02857bc88b753ab817aIt is that time of year, the best time of year.  The leaves are still changing, a riot of color. I always think of it as their one last Hurrah before they become naked and bare for the winter.  Everything smells clean and fresh, people are finally allowed to have burn piles…and that mixed with the cool air makes everything seem like you are heading somewhere…towards coats, scarfs, hats, muddy shoes, and the holidays!  The best Holiday starts off the run of them all that leave us exhausted by January 1st. Halloween!!!!!  Just saying it is almost lyrical.

Recent years I have just watched this great and magical day get squashed by people that have nothing to do but live to complain about crap!!  My preschooler can wear Orange to school this year to celebrate “Harvest”….WTF!!!!!!!  Harvest???  Like harvesting your squash, as in squashing the spirits of young children everywhere???  Yep!

So let’s talk Halloween, I am speaking to all you WOULD BE SQUASHERS, because the ones that are already decided on this are too far gone to change living in their hovel of fear, but YOU the fence riders can be the ones to join arms (not as in weapons, but as in costumes!) and rise up against this tyranny of utter BULLSHIT!  Let’s talk about the magic of being a child.  Of really believing in your head that for one day you can be anything that you want to be.  Doesn’t matter what your life is like, doesn’t matter if you are the bi-product of June and Ward Cleaver or the child of a crack head, YOU can be whatever you want for a day, and leave whatever is not good in your life behind, you can be a princess that no harm ever touches, you can be the best baseball player, putting Ted Williams to shame, you could be a super hero fighting for all of the injustice in the world.  There is no limit.  No one will make fun of you for being ‘different’ because this day celebrates being different, who can come up with the most original costume, funniest costume, outrageous costume!  There is no trick – or – treating for adults.  Have you noticed that?  That is because by the time we are adults we have lost that magic that allows us to totally transform yourself for an entire day, logic has set in so you no longer believe.  But a child believes, has faith.  This is a day to celebrate being a child, so let them be children, and butt the hell out you unimaginative grownups!  This day is NOT for you and is NOT called Harvest!  Happy Halloween


This is To Be Continued as I am sure I will have lots to say about it.  And even though it is not a day that belongs to me anymore, I still believe with all that I am that I can be someone else for the day, too.


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