Sometimes Chest Hair Get’s in the Way

Having had my Carmen and sidekick costume idea shot down with a sigh, I began a quest.  I wanted something original, something that would not break the bank, and not something so obscure that people would have question us all night as to what we were.  Still sulking about not being able to wear my beautiful shoes or fruit on my head, it took a few days for me to recover (and I had to show my husband just how disappointed I was).

.facebook_-641375131He was kind enough to pretend to even consider my next idea, he was trying to avoid another few days of me “humph-ing” everything (that is not HUMPING!!!).  I thought it was a wonderful idea!! I was so excited that I could not wait until he got home from work to show him.  So I didn’t! I emailed my brilliance to him and waited for him to respond with glowing admiration at me finding such a fantastic costume!  I waited a long time.  He finally responded with a hesitation reeking in each typed word, I could almost smell it!!  “That is pretty neat (he never uses the word ‘neat’).Is that what you want us to be?” my response to this was to fume until he walked in the door.  He takes off his coat and tie, and sits down and logically points out just how cold we would be, and that while the costumes were NEAT that it kind of looks as if we are wearing diapers, and he doesn’t know how he feels about mesh. While I would like point out all the flaws in his reason, I can’t.  He is right, we would look like we had loads in our pants all night.  While I would find it amusing his chest hair sticking out of the mesh….I am sure that he does not want to be the comical part of our costume.  Not to mention where the hell am I going to find TWO seahorse heads?? I am not creative nor talented, if I attempted a seahorse we would end up looking like two Clay Monsters and would have to explain our costume all night.

I hate to admit it when he is right, and when his sensibility overrules my dazzling ideas.  But once again foiled by the man who makes my heart go pitter pat and who can piss me off more than any other human on the earth…awww love.


20 more days to figure it out.


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