A Dent to the Head a Blow to the Soul


The trials and tribulations of picking a costume had begun to haunt me.  I dreamed of costumes and my idea’s being stacked up like milk bottles and knocked down one by one like in a carnival game.  I think I had begun to doubt my own ability to be practical and original.  I blamed my saintly (frustrating asshat) husband for this.   If he did not have to poke holes in every idea I had, or for once instead of being the negative one could be the idea man.  I needed some sort of spark, something that would light a fire under my creative ass!

95585d2b3633f5d740d9489da2287132In came in the local thrift store, I was trying to find props for my oldest sons costume, and there amongst the clutter was the perfect idea looking me square in the face.  Telephones, old rotary dial phones.  They had a pile of them jumbled up on the shelf.  I didn’t buy them because I wanted Saintly Sighing Husband to see for himself and give him the option to pick out his own color and style (and for me to preen).

I waited until the weekend so that he wouldn’t bitch and moan about being dragged to the thrift store (to be fair our week days are exceedingly busy between work, appointments, and sports) on a work night.

When I took him and explained my idea he grins at first, and I think CHA-CHING!!! I had finally won, hit the treasure chest of awesome idea’s and had finally hit the mecca of mutual agreement.  Still smiling he turns to me and says “Have you picked one up?” I don’t understand at first, until he gestures to actually picking one up.  Before I can he lifts one up and places it on my head (that was where I had planned on us wearing them) the fucker must have weighed 20 pounds!!!  Seriously, the base of it is metal and I don’t know what the hell was inside of those things but they are solid.  I understand why he is smiling, he knows that I had not thought of this.  WHY WOULD I?

Once again I cannot argue with his logic, if we wore them all night we would risk permanent brain damage and dent-age.

Seeing how bummed I am he is kind and does not make fun, he just takes my hand and leads me out the door, into the car, and to the local ice cream parlor…..he always knows how to sooth my troubled soul.


I have not given up yet…… I have a week.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ripley Trout
    Oct 16, 2013 @ 19:26:27

    Great image. Damn the impracticalities of great outfits. Maybe you could just hang the receivers and cords from your ears? Or I have an idea for an easy-but-scary Halloween outfit. If you’d like, you can find it at my blog http://paddlingintheshallowwaters.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/halloween-trick-or-trout/



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