Jack Be Nimble and the Genius of Others

Jack Be Nimble Jack Be Quick Jack Jump Over  The Candle Stick

Jack Be Nimble
Jack Be Quick
Jack Jump Over
The Candle Stick

Okay, there has been resolution to the Halloween costume issue.  We decided, agreed, and executed!! I might also add CONQUERED!

I will save that for Halloween.

I want to talk about the genius of other people.  I have a Facebook Page that is a little different from this blog.  Similar in a way that it is all over the place.  I cannot just have one branch, I need a hundred going in all direction or I get bored.  There is a theme usually, I like history, stories, and people.  So it is just a visual of that.  I posted this picture as an idea for others that may have been struggling and with

costumes as I was.  Then a fan of the page suggests that all you would need is Jack Be Nimble.  I read that and was stunned and so envious!  So simple, yet so brilliant!!!!  It was perfect.  Flashes of tossing out our complete costumes and trying to start over danced across my mind for a full day.  I couldn’t do it.  With all that I have put my Saint of a Husband through, this might be the last straw.  So I am tucking away the idea for next year, and believe me, I will start November 1st to look for pieces to complete the genius that was placed in my lap.

Thank you, Miss Dawn.


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