8 Fingered Magical Cat and the Fight I Lost

american-polydactyl-10My youngest daughter is a cat whore.  If one is wandering the neighborhood where we are driving a sound that would (or should) shatter glass with come from her tiny little mouth will fill the car and enter my ears and bounce around off the inside of my skull.  If we are walking we must stop so she can pet “her kitty” who “very wants to come home with me”.  If we happen to go to someone’s home and there is a cat she will follow that poor animal around the whole time and I must say that there has been more than one occasion I have had to remove her body from where she has become wedged while trying to follow the terrified animal through its cat door.  I am not a cat person, not that I dislike them, but I like dogs much more.

My husband is neither a cat or dog person, nor would I say that you could had pigs, horses, or any other kind of creature besides humans on his list of really liking. I have always had a distrust of people who do not like animals so it baffles me why I married one.  He is an amazing person, but still I am always a little suspicious of him due to this.  He has told me that I am no longer allowed to stare at him while he is sleeping, trying to find the EVIL part.  It was a hard habit to break.

We have two dogs, one is a neurotic freak who has Woody Allen’s personality if he was also a cocaine addict.  The dog is certifiable and for some reason thinks I am his Momma.  Then there is my dog, she drives everyone nuts but I find her charming and sweet and since she is mine then my opinion should be the only one that matters.  I mean if you know she is going to bite your toes, why would you not just put socks on???

This week a friend of my asked if there was anyone that could take in a kitten that was super mellow and potty trained.  Boring….until she said the cat has 8 toes!! On EACH front paw!!! I had to see this cat!  She showed me a picture and while he is cute in a cat kind of way, his paws are awesome, they look like mittens!! They are so cool!  I must get my poor daughter a cat!!!!  She really wants one.

I thought for sure that my husband would see those 8 toes and totally see that we needed this cat.  I was certain he would see that we could have our Freak Kitty!  How it would make our family complete.  How could he not look at those mitten paws and not see the circle of our family????

After two days of showing him pictures of those paws and trying to use our child’s happiness to make him see the light, I have come to the conclusion that he does not have any sense of family (that includes a cat).  And that if I bring up that cat or shove another picture under his nose I may end up with divorce papers.


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