Bettie’s Tumble


Bettie Page's mug shot

Bettie Page’s mug shot

This is Bettie Page’s mug-shot from October 29th, 1972. A lot of people don’t seem to know that she left the pinup world and became a religious fanatic. Years later she was diagnosed as schizophrenic and eventually spent over 11 years in a state mental institution for stabbing three people. A husband and wife the first time, and her 66 year old roommate the second time because she said “God inspired to do it.” She left many images and had something to do with changing people’s understanding of sexuality, cementing her place in history, but she led a hard life. And in a time where mental illness was still frowned upon and hidden rather Bettie Page Rarethan understood and treated she fell through the cracks.


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