Lust and Karaoke


The first time that I heard my husband sing it seemed that wild stallions took over my burning loins, transforming my warm but bland feelings for my friend into something else. I was mortified and totally turned on.
I spent years, yes, not one or two, but several trying to squash these emotions. It did not help situation that I would drop any plans I had to go see him sing, yes, like a dirty, dirty crack head. I would eavesdrop on conversations at work (yes, sigh, we worked together) and if I heard he would be doing karaoke somewhere I would either invite myself or just show up (pathetic, but junkies are junkies). While Elvis lit my burning fire, as we passed through Jagger ( oh, I WILL be your beast of burden), and Morrison (he was lighting MY fire)… total and utter humiliation grew. What was wrong with me?????
We would continue to go for drinks, have great conversations, hang out with mutual friends, and meet for poker parties, life as usual. I would study him at work and all I saw was what I had always seen: my friend, nothing more nothing less.
There was something that turned this intelligent, quiet and unassuming man into a total SHOWMAN!!! He became Billy Idol, full snarl. Jack White…..who could take me anytime on “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”…..sigh…And I turned into a randy groupie….totally ashamed. I hid it well…All these burning churning goings on in my nethers, but I still was horrified at myself. How could he jump on tables? How could he growl about wanting to do it in the road??? Who was he??? And who the fuck was I??? I really didn’t have an answer anymore.
Time passed……………………

And as all good love stories go all it took was a drink too many and softly sung “Golden Slumbers” and I was his….forever.


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