Calculating Cupcake and American Icon

marilynmonroe14One month, a smattering of days, and 36 years was how long Norma Jean Mortenson was on this earth. Such a short little burst of time in the grand scheme of things. Iconic, legend, goddess, all words that are associated with the persona that would later be Marilyn Monroe. I think of her has dauntingly strong rather than insipid or soft, a survivor, and scary intelligent than most gave her credit for. Calculating, that is a word that I would use to describe our Icon, because she was as much ours as John Wayne was. She had a crummy early life, passed about, unloved, abused, sold off, and left behind. It scarred her, sure, who wouldn’t be scarred? But, she took stock saw that she had something that others wanted, built it into something that was larger than life, the sexy whisper, the sensual dimwit, suggestive walk, all deceptive…all for the fans. She was clever and shrewd. Her pain did her in, her ghosts followed her no matter where she went, but she fooled us all.
Your Table Awaits
Born June 1, 1926 – Died August 5, 1962


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