Color Television

Color Television (Photo credit: zoonabar)

Someone asked me once if I hate being the center of attention, why do I write and let it all hang out there?  Why would I let people glimpse into the personal if I was not craving the lime light?  While there is strength in words, you can hide behind them.  A cowards way…and the only way my little repressed self can be a total attention whore.  I was raised by a suicide threatening, hide the silver wear, chain-smoking crazy Mother. Weaving in and out of her many marriages, houses, and personalities was not a life for the weak.  Fitting in where I could.  New schools several times a year you try to fade into the background, dress the same color as the industrial yellow walls of most public schools in the 80’s.  While most people craved adventure, I craved polyester, white bread, a sane mother, maybe a father thrown in there.  I was an utter failure as the daughter of the Queen of Hippies (yes there was a class hierarchy within their BO and patchouli smelling ranks) I wanted real red meat, patent leather, and color television.  Screw tofu!  My struggle to have a NORMAL life, a secure life has been fraught with awkwardness and bad choices, many times I have felt like I was the main character of a sitcom with a really bad laugh tract.  My savior is sarcasm and laughter. Beverages often come out of my nostrils and sometimes I fear I may pee myself but nothing feels sweeter nor makes the bad turn good to laugh at yourself.  Keeps you sane…and from hiding the silverware.


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  1. LindaGHill
    Jun 29, 2013 @ 21:44:48

    It sounds as though you’ve had a fascinating life, foreign liquids in the nasal passages notwithstanding. 🙂



  2. The Dimwit Diary
    Jul 23, 2013 @ 18:02:28

    I know you said you wanted boring, and maybe this isn’t the right place for it. We’ve never met and all, and I don’t even know what your deal is. Maybe you have a mate already. Maybe you’re a drug dealing meth addict (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I promised myself I would stop doing this on random stranger’s About Me section, but Dagmar Tully. Will you marry me?

    It wouldn’t be a dull life, but I’d treat you well. And I like to disappear for months out of the year, so you could even still have your dull life to yourself on occasion. Think it over. Get back to me at your earliest convenience. But don’t wait too long, because I have a few other proposals out there in the blogoverse.




    • Dagmar Tully
      Jul 23, 2013 @ 18:54:07

      Oh Dearest Dimmy,
      What was it? My yen for patent leather? Or the part where I confess I sometimes shoot liquid from my nostrils? That usually is the Woo-er!
      Must be some sort of cosmic fate because after reading your “Facebook Odds& Ends – Volume 2”, I thought who is this kind, sweet, and generous genius who spends his time turning his friends into unicorns?? I think that my heart swelled a bit.

      Alas, I already have a long suffering mate. There are another 50 or so years of suffering I would like to inflict upon him but after that I am all yours!!

      Until then I hope one of your universal proposals pans out and you can cross #10 off your list. If I may make a suggestion? Toss the burgundy turtleneck grab yourself some knee socks and some MESH. Nothing like a man confident enough to let his cheeks hang out with some Daisy Dukes rocking some Mesh on top!!!

      Since I am throwing suggestions around like glitter, Victoria BC has the best wax museum ever! I am a bit of a wax nerd and that is three stories of pure fun. Especially if you hit the bar across the street that serves drinks so strong that you could probably consider yourself embalmed after 3.
      Best of luck you Dimmy!
      Almost yours,



      • The Dimwit Diary
        Jul 23, 2013 @ 19:04:17

        I think it was mostly your tag line: Unicorns, Vodka, and Lincoln Logs. I’m a sucker for a good tag line. Also, I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd all day.

        Pink Floyd just does something to me. I haven’t listened to them in forever, but today just felt like a Pink Floyd kinda day. Right now “Wish You Were Here” is playing, very fittingly.

        It’s not that I’m down on love. I just like to run away from it, try to avoid it like the plague. It cramps my style, whatever style that is. But every once in a while, I’ll listen to Pink Floyd, and if the wind is blowing the right direction, I get this idea of love in my head, and I think it would be nice. Then the wind goes the other direction, and Billy Squier will come on next. I’m a fan of Billy Squier and cheesy 80’s rock. That’s more my style.

        Well, I’m not looking for love but it’s fun just to pretend sometimes. Maybe in 50 years, the knees will give out, and I’ll be ready to settle down. So keep in touch. And thanks for all the suggestions. I’m going to K-Mart later tonight to get the knee socks. I already have several mesh tops.




      • Dagmar Tully
        Jul 23, 2013 @ 19:37:30

        Ahhh, a fellow Pixies fanatic? Maybe we were destined to be blog-brothers? Is that even a thing? Maybe it could be all the rage?

        Pink Floyd is womb music, music you were born knowing. But, not always good for the soul. “Wish You Were Here ” always makes me wax poetic and I get all hazy and reminiscent.

        As far as love goes I know less now than at 16, my husband can make me laugh until I am doubled over and seriously needing to cross my legs as I hobble for the bathroom and that is love to me. Not stomach clenching, catch my breath passion, but hold my bladder and run. Someone who not only puts up with my weirdness but revels in it , well that is pretty kickass. But is also settling and not for everyone.

        Awww, I still think I am going to marry Simon Le Bon and now you tell me that 80’s music is cheesy? Still have all my 80’s cheese on vinyl, and Billy Squire is in there.

        Hugs, from your New BlogBrother (flows better than sister)!


  3. aliciaashcroft
    Nov 25, 2013 @ 15:14:51

    Hello friend! “Ramblings of a Mad Kat” nominated me for the Liebster award, and now I am passing on this nomination on to you. Thanks for all your efforts and keep on blogging!



    • Dagmar Tully
      Nov 30, 2013 @ 08:13:59

      Okay, I read the first few lines of your blog acceptance and that has been me for the last month!!! Cobwebs on the keys that connect to any kind of inspiration. Thank you, I don’t know really how this works, but I had a blast reading yours!!!



  4. Ripley Trout
    Apr 08, 2014 @ 08:10:31

    ‘Screw tofu’ should be on t-shirts.



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