The Ewwww Factor Rose a Notch

Ed Gein

Ed Gein

This is Edward Theodore Gein or Ed Gein, he was born in 1906 in Plainfield, Wisconsin. Pretty sure with a name like Plainfield, that you wouldn’t think that there would be a body snatcher or murderer, but that is just what Eddie was. He would dig bodies up and “do things” with their bodies. Making trophies and keepsakes out of the flesh and the bones of the corpses. He also confessed to killing two women, tavern owner Mary Hogan in 1954 and hardware store owner Bernice Warden in 1957. He was found unfit for trial but in 1968 was sentenced to life inprisonment, which he spent in a mental hospital.
He was the muse for fictional killers; Norman Bates in the movie and the novel “Psycho”. Leatherface (Ewwww…are you getting a picture of what he did with the corpse skin, just in case you are not there was a corset made of skin, and a belt made of nipples?) in “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Jame Gumb or Buffalo Bill in the “Silence of the Lambs”, there are quite a few more but I am sure the picture is crystal clear. Gein died in 1984 from lung failure. And yes, I had goose bumps writing this.


Calculating Cupcake and American Icon

marilynmonroe14One month, a smattering of days, and 36 years was how long Norma Jean Mortenson was on this earth. Such a short little burst of time in the grand scheme of things. Iconic, legend, goddess, all words that are associated with the persona that would later be Marilyn Monroe. I think of her has dauntingly strong rather than insipid or soft, a survivor, and scary intelligent than most gave her credit for. Calculating, that is a word that I would use to describe our Icon, because she was as much ours as John Wayne was. She had a crummy early life, passed about, unloved, abused, sold off, and left behind. It scarred her, sure, who wouldn’t be scarred? But, she took stock saw that she had something that others wanted, built it into something that was larger than life, the sexy whisper, the sensual dimwit, suggestive walk, all deceptive…all for the fans. She was clever and shrewd. Her pain did her in, her ghosts followed her no matter where she went, but she fooled us all.
Your Table Awaits
Born June 1, 1926 – Died August 5, 1962

The Day the Crabs Fled and Other Yarns

My Grandfather enlisted in the Marine Corp in 1939. He arrived at Pearl Harbor December 6, 1941. He not only survived the following day December, 7, 1941, he survived during the entire war in the Pacific. He separated from the Marines at the end of WWII and was recalled again in during the Korean War. I lived with him and my Grandmother on and off while growing up, they were the closest

My Grandfather (left)

My Grandfather (left)

thing to a mother and father that I ever experienced. I always thought his war stories were “stories” like the John Wayne movies he forced me to watch. I never understood that his wild stories of bombs going off on beaches and thousands of crabs coming in from the sea were anything more than adventures made up to entertain a little girl who loved to hear her Grandfather talk and was easily impressed. I understand now that a lot of those narratives were tales of him losing his buddies, of choices made that meant life or death. Now that he is many years gone, I get it. I know that to my older cousins he is a hero because of his medals and service records. He is a smell to me, a sound, and a story. I miss him.

Real World Dangers

4985840700679c398d1bd243e53c679cNot sure why people are so afraid of a zombie apocalypse, that is just plain silliness especially when there are more serious things to fear in this world. Like a Giant Cat Apocalypse, it’s coming and if you aren’t prepared you are screwed.

Time Travel Tells a Better Story



Time Traverler to followDid you know that time travel will have been invented in the year 2025. How do I know that??? That is the year that this enchanting woman claimed to have traveled from. In the year 1898, according to reports, Alexandria Alexis appeared “as if from nowhere” and took all of New York society by storm (which was NOT an easy fete at the time). Some worshiped and vied for her attention others claimed she was bat-shit crazy. This debate was unresolved as it was controversial, when on New Year’s Eve, 1899, she simply disappeared as quickly as she had appeared….as if by magic.

Hopeless Dust

until the mid 60s the aborigines came under the Flora and Fuana act which classified them as animals  not human beings this meant killing an aborigine meant you weren't killing a human but an animalUntil the mid 1960’s the Aborigines came under the Flora and Fauna Act which classified them as animals, not human beings. This meant killing an Aborigine meant you were not killing a human but were killing an animal. Makes my heart ache to look at this picture and to know this.

Broken and Beautiful- Goodbye Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou to followCelebrated poet, writer and civil rights activist crammed a few lifetimes into one. A fry cook, prostitute, night club dancer and performer, cast member of an opera, journalist, actor, director, the producer of plays, movies, and public television. Since the early 80’s she taught. I am surly missing a few. Her beginnings were as stable as a small craft caught in a sea storm. She did not speak for a period of 5 years due to trauma, and by 17 was single mother. She her lifes work is a testament to all, that we as humans can survive hardships and rise above them, make something good out of pain. Her words made our world a little more beautiful. She was an amazing woman and leaves behind a legacy for generations to come. She will be greatly missed.

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