Exchanging a Hot Bitch for a Cool One or Happy Autumn Equinox


Today is Autumn Equinox, it makes me sad because I am not quite ready to hit Summer in the ass as she exits. I usually am ready to kiss that hot bitch goodbye but this year she seemed a little quick to leave me….but goodbyes are always emotional for me. Autumn is my favorite time of year, Oregon Octobers are amazing. The tree’s run riot with their vampy colors….sometimes so vivid that I truly think that it would be cartoonish if it weren’t so goddamned beautiful. And the smell….it gets so stagnant and downright stale smelling here by the end of August in the heat…it is like smelling old bread that not even the birds find appetizing…so when the sky is still clear blue and air starts turning cooler the fragrance is so sweet. Like something that is shiny and new. It is amazing….the month before we get 8 months of dumpy gray, muddy, rain clogged, sodden months of damp. So I always remember to appreciate October….but mostly because it is almost glorious Halloween and I can pepper your news feeds with as much freaky stuff as my heart desires and it is all in the spirit of celebration! So you will have to enjoy it or look like misers that have lost their love of good fun~~ Xoxo…..Anyhoooooooooo Happy Autumn Equinox!


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